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She's Got That Look In Her Eye.

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[28th Sep 2005|9:20pm]
New journal even though I like never update. This one isn't friends only. www.livejournal.com/users/ouruglyhearts woot!<3
you made want to live

[27th Sep 2005|8:16pm]
Have you ever been so fed up with people you just want to scream at them or like freak out at someone. Ive gottent to that point with people one person actually. I just cant take it anymore like stop doing things just to piss me off. bahh i hate so many people and i wish it wouldnt bother me but when I hear stories from other people proving my point it doesnt help. alright this is a terrible update i dont know why i even did update. k thanks thats teh end. i feel like shit. woot.
you made want to live

[8th Jul 2004|4:43pm]
2 days you made want to live

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